Friday, 5 September 2008

My Proposals for a Skriker Soundtrack - Part 2

Mental illness is a theme of many stories about Fairies and is certainly gets a detailed looking at in the Skriker (which I will say again is the world's best wildly poetic and bleak theatrical vision of fairies in a modern day context, which may make it top of a field of one but it's still impressive). Not that it gets me anywhere but I do like to think about what I'd do if I were to be given the opportunity to direct a film of the play.

In fact, seeing as I am currently looking for employment, should some board of film producers want to turn a deeply odd piece of theatre that appeals to very niche interests into a big budget cinematic epic, and if they are willing to take on a director with very little relevant experience (I slag off other director's work in pubs with my mates, have a Theatre Studies qualification and do a bit of amateur dramatics) and if one of them reads this blog - I'm your man (provided you are willing to meet my outrageous rider requests).

Anyway, back to the soundtrack. These are my favorite songs on the subject of insanity and I reckon they should join my favourite songs on the subject of environmental destruction for consideration.

Each and every Cocteau Twins song is, in and of itself, a thing of wonder. They suffer from coming in albums next to other Cocteau Twins songs, which sometimes robs the less distinctive ones of their elan.

Sex and birth are subjects that inspire madness in many folktales, and has strong connotations in the Skriker with Lily's baby and Josie's infanticide. Pearly Dewrops Drops is charged with a seemingly terrified sexual energy, thrilled or frightened, it's difficult to tell. It's never a good idea to say for sure what it is Liz Fraser sings, but I think I can hear "bloody cups" and the words of the title (semen, surely?) in places.

Got to be used, maybe in the underworld scene that could do with some music to convey a sense of otherworldly beauty. It could fade away to be replaced by the following number:

I used to be a Goth, me, and the JaMC are one of the few bands that I adored back in my misspent days of wearing eyeliner and winklepickers that I still like. This may be because they were not really a Goth band. Cracked is one of their B-Sides and is available on the Barbed Wire Kisses collection.

It's a gloomy half-heard drone, feedback and the occasional curse fades in and out of the mix. It should be played at parties for Vampires. Not cool aristocratic Bela Lugosi or Christopher Lee vampires, but ravenous "I'll bite your fucking nose off" Vampires like the ones from 30 Days of Night or I Am Legend (the book).

To be used in the scene in the scene in the underworld.

Really to be included because of the pun on Blue Men and Wights, but also because it is bonkers in a fun sort of way.

Note that 11 Mustachioed Daughters is also great fare for folklore fans.

The most creepy Birthday Party song, written by one of the band members' girlfriends. Nick Cave at his most growly and Rowland Howard, or maybe Mick Harvey, being terrifically spooky on guitar.

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