Friday, 31 October 2008

Fairy Names, the Ten Best

10) TOMMY RAWHEAD - Far more user friendly than Rawheadandbloodybones whilst retaining an evocative nastiness.
9) BOGGART - Good and contemptuous sounding.
8) PUCK - Too the point and rude sounding. If lad's magazines carried more articles on fairies you would see this name used in headlines A LOT.
7) RUMPLESTILTSKIN - Face it, if your name was this cool you'd sing about it too.
6) HOBGOBLIN - A very sonically satisfying word with some strong brand associations (Pub Chain and associated yummy ale, Folk Music chain store, Spiderman villains, etc.)
5) BLIX - See earlier post for lowdown on Blix's full majesty. Fresh insight into fact that he shares a syllable with 'Pixie' and 'Nixie'.
4) ROBIN GOODFELLOW - Undeniable literary classic.
3) NIXIE - Opted for over 'Pixie' because of it's relative obscurity. Used with an awkward degree of tweeness on Julian Cope's otherwise splendid epic "Psychedelic Odin".
2) CLAPPERNAPPER - Internal rhymes are always great for fairy names.
1) FLIBBERTIGIBBET - Without peer, as frightening and amusing as a good tune by the Fall. Earns extra points for the slight mysogynisitic undertone that many mythological beasts seem to earn (Gorgon, Harridan, Termagant, etc...)

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