Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A Bit More of the Old Antiquarianism

I recently saw this stone on the road from Larne to Ballymena.

No idea what it is called or any stories attached to it. Nevertheless I reckon it's a very pretty stone (despite the vandalism) and it looks impressive in the rather incongrous mossy circle that surrounds it.

Clothing ruined on way to see stone: 1 pair of black cords ripped on barbed wire fence, coat suffered slight damage from same source.


durogante mudhoppers said...

Hi Dave,
We've just come across your blog and enjoyed reading it-you have some interesting stuff here. Also, it is good to know that there is somebody else out there ruining their clothes in order to get to where you want to go-us Mudhoppers are not averse to a bit of barbed-wire clambering if there is something we want to see on the other side of the fence.
We shall put a link to your blog on ours, if that's ok with you?

Morna Crites-Moore ~Wicked Waif ~ said...

How wonderful it must be to live in a country where rocks like this sit along the roadside.

As an aside, I have ancestors from Ballymena. But I've not been there myself ... yet. :-)